Everybody's talkin' at me.... I don't hear a word they're sayin'

Test Drive IRC soon!

..Isn't this Internet thingy great?   Apart from the Commercials..
The WWW, the UpperNet, the UnderNet, the UseNet, the EffNet, the DALNet, the FishNet..
Don't you find that you're making friends, left, right, and center?
No? Well.... You were never supposed to Talk to Strangers..?

And all you need to do is wander into any of dem innumerous Chatsites,
IRC channels, MUDS, Dungeons, whatnots, even Guestbooks..
You log on, you enter some arcane password, you wish you'd remember it..
You say .. ..... ... ........

..Uh..hello...Are there any Borg in here?
*hugs*..*kisses* .. ((((((Squeak))))))

and.. before you know it, before they know it,
your Christmas Card List is wayyyy longer than your annual Laundry List!

.. Yeah.. Big phonebill too. Then, if you can still afford it, you start making a few plans.
To go visit and bother everyone.. well, some..

Hi again.. in REAL-LIFE! Closer Encounters of the Great Kind -
Case, Moon, Feng @ Germany (Frankfurt Airport bar) - August 95
Traci @ Malaysia (Penang Beaches, & Esplanades, & some Hill) - August 95
Case, Moon, Silvi, Maid Marion, China Cat, Amanda, Sun, Daisy,
Desperado, Ann-Kathrin
in Germany (Göttingen, the Cyber@Bar, SnowBalls) - December 95
Evie, Noxas @ London (Bars, Chinese Restaurant, more Bars, & @ Cyberia Cafe) - August 96
Evie, Noxas, Cricky, Mad_Jock, Julia, Spectre, Kinners, Hart, Tunes, Nana, Roy, St Zubb,
MrsZubb, Walker, Catherine
@ Hockley, Southend, England (Party Pics) - November 96
Traci, Kenny @ Malaysia (Penang, Pangkor Pan Pacific) - August 97

Pan Pacific Hotel image courtesy of Maggie's Islands & Beaches.

Yeeeeehaaaaaah & Alooooha, guys!

Hi, who is in here?
Hi, why is no one talkin' to me?
Hi, when is the coffee break?
Hi, is anyone out there?

Enhanced CUSeeMe
Very Enhanced..
So Enhanced that it's

MicroBiz Great Hall Cool Rafters.. Hot Lurkers!
Firefly's Buzz
Look up Riff-Raff's Homepage
Let the Sunshine in! - Cyber@Bar
The Revamped Infinet Talker
The Gathering
Where Reality is Unreal
eWorld Unleashed! - IRC
Italian Chat
Ciao!.. Bambina.. Arrivederci!
Virtual Irish Pub
Everything's brewing..

Uppernet: #Cricky&Noxas - Albi/Org
Undernet: #hottub - Riff

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