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Grazie, Grandissimo Maestro Franco Farnedi & Grand Webmaster Iacopo.
Fabrizio, Cristina & Biondo

for technical assistance in times of deepest, direst "Eh?"s
for dedication beyond the call of the wild


To all Friends on the Net, Thank You!   To all Visitors, Thank You!
To all Would-be Sponsors, WELCOME!   To American Express, er... Platinum?

Is Anyone Out There?:


These pages are two-finger typed with the wonderfully efficient BBEdit, and
juggled about with IcontoGif, Adobe Photoshop, GifBuilder, GraphicConverter,
GIF WIZARD is also indispensable,
and a host of other bewildering software programs......
.....most of which have gone into retirement....
....Macromedia's Director for Shockwave....Too darn huge!
...StrataStudio Pro for Sizzler... Pah!..

Java was initially attempted, but most of the Applets are away on holiday...
due to major slowing down/messing up with the download time...
No more Cawfee!.. No sugar.. No woman.. No cry.
Beware of System "Enhancing" Javascripts that worm themselves into your HD
This ought to be a Java-Free Zone soon.. Detest Java Alerts!!
A lot of the earlier Animated Gifs also went into the Trashcan....
Recycle Bin?!!!   Haw!   Haw!   Sorry....

Best viewed with Netscape 4.0 whatever...
and even, possibly Microsoft's Internet Explorer 4.0... eh? ActiveX?
Really Useful Plug-ins: Crescendo, QuickTime, FutureSplash/Flash, RealAudio, RealPlayer..

Proportional & Fixed Screen Fonts best set at Geneva 10
Millions of Colors, Trillions of RAM, Zillions of Constellations..

Wish List:
To be on a Desert Island in the Sun, with ATM/satellite connectivity, and three PowerBooks
To be sponsored by Calvin Klein.... or Kentucky Fried Chicken... or HRH Sultan of Brunei
To be able to work those darn /ctcp commands in IRC without tripping over my fingers...
To wish you a really nice day, and that you'll be right back soon..

One Wish, amongst many, came True,
Traci made this great GuestBook! HotShot!
The Guardian Angel.. Someone to watch over me...

©albie.org 1997

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