good, bad, brilliant!

Freshly squeezed - 14 September 97

A   Alex aka Gromit's Homepage

Allison-Marie's Place Amy's Undeveloped Page

Angie Hung's Madonna Annie's 50's & 60's Tunes

Arica's Homepage Ariel aka Aryon's HomePage

B   Babe aka Sarah's WebpageJava

BillyMac : Who the hell is? Bluciano's Grammar School Music Planet

Bluzman's Howard's Home

C   Casey & Missy's HomePage

Cass' Home Chandra's Place

Cheeser's Home Chrystal's Homepage!!!

Cinnder's Place Claire's Best Sites for Women

Cricket & Noxas' Country Cabin Cricket & Noxas' Townhouse

D   Deanna's World

Dragon's Reach

E   Eagle's Voorbeeld

Ellen - The World According The World of E.R.I.K.A

Evie's Home Virtually Evilurker's Homepage

F   Fabrizio's StarWars Italian Homepage

G   Hommpagitos des Gabrieli aka StZubb

Gennyn's G9 Home Gigi's Place!

Giggles & Mr Grinch's Homepage Glimmere's Homepage

H   Hart's Homepage

I   Illusion's ?

J   Jae's Harmonious Homepage

Jae's Jazzy Home Janpeter's .Com

Joat's Homepage

K   Karli's World !

Kinners Place

L   Lacie's Poetry Garden

the Laughing Bard's Homepage Letia's Place

Lisa's You Are Here Loulou's LOL

M   Mad Jock's Extremes

Margie's World of Dark Shadows Marion-Anke Feddern's Maid Marion

Merlin's Wizard Tower Mimi's Virtual Garden

Minx's Manor Moose & Misty's Hideaway

Mountie's Poetry Pond

N   Nancy's Dance-o-Rama

Nightwing's Homepage ny's Home

O   Ogre's Lair

Olivia In Cyberspace

P   Patty's Place

Predawnia's Chat Universe

Q   Qt aka Alex's Homepage

R   Reiko's Colorworld

RoboSteve's Legend in his Own Mind Rosemary's Antoniobanderasfans Page

Roxy's Homepage

S   Sabrina's Chilled

Samba's Homepage SassyBeth's Homepage for WAVs

Silvi's Fan Club Spectre's Tal Shiar FrontPage

Suzi Q's Rudest Homepage Ever! SvenJo's Patience is a Virtue

T   TB's Homepage

Tige's Welcome Traci's Planet Trace

V   Versus' Honolulu Hawaii Café

Vido's Land of Dreaming

W   Woutan's homepage

..a few personal uncommercial Homepages..
Gathered across the WWWeb, some from lost souls..
Some crazy, some delicious, some brilliantly mad..
some zzzzzzzzzZZZ.. with untapped potential..

A drop of html, a bit of gif, some jpegs, midis..
some newts of ActiveX, a pinch of Shockwave..
teaspoon of links, toe of tadpole..
Add water..

good, bad, brilliant!

Fine Print:
Homepage Collector reserves sole right to
banish any URL not updated within 2.4 days.
And will NOT be held responsible for trauma
caused by accessing/not accessing these
....fine wholesome Pages....

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