.. and if you see me walking down the street.. and I start to cry, each time we meet..

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Line Around the World
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.....This is the Line Around the World.  A wise and yet possibly foolish soul decided one morning that what the World Wide Web clearly needed was to be linear.  So he proceeded to ask his cyberpals to link their Web pages in a Hands Across America kind of way.  But that's not all...he also told them that if they decided to join this effort, they were honor-bound to do a good deed.  Some give $5 or more to a charity of their choice, or brighten a sad person's day, or pick up litter for two hours in a nearby park.  Whatever the effort, by doing this, hopefully hundreds, even thousands, of caring souls across the WWW can be connected, in an effort to make this world a little brighter for everyone.  You too can join this effort, even if the Line is a bit chaotic now.... FarRighter FarRight Righter Right


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The IRC Ring

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The World Ring

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The Elite Ring

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