is anyone out there?
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    It's getting bigger, fatter, chunkier, bloated out of all proportions!
    But, still no indepth discourse on the ills of this World Wide Wait
    or the degree of greyness or mating seasons of the Humpback Whale.
    Nor are any sequels planned... Not yet. Hart? I need a scheme..
    Soon. Maybe. One day. The World is your Oyster kind of thingie, Part V..

    This is first and foremost, just a personal Homepage. Honestly!
    A Collection of bits and pieces and bytes of the Virtual Albie,
    Some trawled off the Web, some skimmed off the Hottub.
    It is the LamP, the Cave of Wonders, somewhere Albie can place
    Albie's Towel Collection, Virtual Carpets, Tadpoles, .. a Scrapbook.

    So, author defiantly maintains innocent look,
    or looks away at that amazing flying saucer....
    if you happen to come across a bit that looks a bit yucky..

    The point is... This is all FRIVOLOUS.

    Applications open for the post of HouseKeeper/Chief of Staff.

      - gingerly counting since 01 may 1996 the way you walk that walk.. the way you talk that talk..

    Anyway.. A warm welcome.. Hello, Hi
    YeeeeeHaaaAAAAAAAH & alooooooooOOHA!
    Welcome to, the Lamp Post formerly known at,

      Shine a Light on Me
    ...something to do with some Midnite Special....
      Shine a Light on Me....


    And now, an inevitable commercial breakie..

    Internet Link Exchange

    Er, I found a shrine..

    Anyway,.. Can't wait to hit America (Kentucky).. or ..

Big List Time:

As the saying goes, so many places, so many friends, so little time..
or something to that effect..   Virtual places, virtual friends, virtual time.
We'll see.. Is there Anyone in the Maldives?   Tahiti?   Fiji Islands?

Is Anyone In Here?

is anyone out there?

Reduce the size of that GIF. Save the World, and its Humpback Whales

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This Homepage is, at times, dedicated to ALL of you Out There!