Read Me First, sort of..a, er.. Yeeehaaah & Aloohaaa greeting!
                    But, really, just a ploy to trigger off
                    the Link Exchange Banner.. and KFC..
                    Bonus Travel Guide. binary option broker

Apple Pies - uncategorically, unrepentantly, maniacally MacOS
                    Won't Pow Wow or do Rain Dances, nor ICQ.
                    All MHzs are not created equal..

BlackSun.. MahaRaja.. SeaNymph.. ImperialMing.. BeeHive..
                    KALEIDOSCOPIE color schemes!
                    SirenAngel.. SilkWorm.. DreddLock..
                    PearlRain.. ZeroZero7.. ClockworkOrange+!

Surf The Good, The Bad & The Brilliant Homepages
                    Where do you want to go tomorrow?
                    Use Netscafe or MI Exploder..
                    Springcleaned at least once a year, at least.. what is binary option

Then, Talk that Walk, Walk that Talk, at CatWalk
                    ..Uuuh.. Lurve to lurve yuh, babee..
                    A whimsical coverage of an ego-tripping,
                    name dropping, heterosexual air-kisser

For your armchair entertainment, no remote control :
                    Is Anyone Out There?'s © Nighttime Babes
                    ..To all the gurls you've lurved before..
                    ..To all the urls that curled and crawled..

And now!   Live from Kenyucky Fried Chicken!   Featuring..
                    Tom Jones! Douglas Adams! Metallica!!
                    The HotShot GuestBook Surfer Awards!!
                    Chickie HotPots, Extra Spicy Pizza! trading binary options

Gawp at the Rogues' Galleria, and .... ... .. .Shriek!
                    Just when you thought the
                    Mugshots have dried up!
                    Health Warning!! ~CRESCENDO~

Can't appreciate Frames either,
                    But, for all KinKy people out there, enjoy!!
                    Whips, chains, handcuffs, featherdusters..
                    optional. Epiladies a must.

Dive headlong into FishTalk for that unmissable Fishy Odour..
                    Anemones, Clowns, Urchins, Algae..
                    Bubbles, bright UV Lights, Mermaids

Doze off at the Scrapbook, Awards, bits & pieces
                    for some refreshing enlightenment..
                    Housekeeper still urgently Required.
                    Apply within, somewhere...

Freak out under Spells n Birthdays.
                    More Birthdays than Spells, More..?
                    but will there ever be a CGI/SSI/..
                    Paint-by-Numbers Script that autowishes?..

The LONDON November'96 Cyberic SnapShotS!
                    The Magnificently Sober Ones..
                    Pints with attitude..
                    Tales of a Certain Embroidered Jacket

PS: There's the Lonesome Guestbook somewhere..
                    Be immortalised.. Immortality rules..
                    Extra exposure.. (404 Errors)
                    (Confessions of a Compulsive HöTShøT)

updated - januaryish 1998

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